Live Classroom Instruction Comes Virtually to You

Over the past many weeks, we’ve highlighted how communications technologies have made integrated operations, or iOps much more practical. It allows experts to help problem solve over great distances, as if they were at the local site in person.

This not only applies to ongoing operations and maintenance, it applies throughout the lifecycle of the facility. One important area in this lifecycle is training. This 6:55 YouTube video, Emerson Virtual Classroom, shows how experienced instructors can come to the student without the need to physically travel.

The video is several years old, but it demonstrates how Virtual Learning works with a live instructor and students from across the world. It may be a little “marketing-ish” for your tastes, but it shows how individual learning and class member collaboration can occur. The instructor in the video, Emerson’s Mark Dimmitt, is an Educational Services Consultant for Educational Services team.

In fact, when I joined the company more than 25 years ago, Mark was the first instructor I had. I had to travel from Austin, Texas to Marshalltown, Iowa in January. The trip involved driving through the snow from the Des Moines airport to Marshalltown. I would have been quite thankful if Virtual Classrooms had been around way back then!

Visit the Virtual Classroom Course Offerings page for the upcoming courses available. You can also connect and interact with the Educational Services team by joining the Education track in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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