5 Ways Micro Motion Perfects the Formula of People and Processes

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The dynamics of a workforce are a defining aspect of any business success or failure. Advanced technology still relies on the support of experienced workers, and the right combination of skill and automation can facilitate the perfect processing strategy.

Working with Emerson’s Micro Motion gives you access to both their innovative technologies and their matchless consultation and training to help you achieve:

A Simplified Formula
Increasing proven automation and advanced instrumentation reduces the opportunity for human error through excessive checks and imprecise adjustments. Coriolis mass flow and density meters offer a degree of process control that isn’t possible with legacy instrumentation. As machine operators are blamed for 70%-90% of incidents, many have focused on the people and how to improve them. But designing ways to improve the systems themselves leaves less room for error and ensures greater consistency and safety no matter who the operator is.

Streamlined Work Practices
Smart Meter Verification (SMV) technology works with Micro Motion Coriolis meters to display critical meter health insight. This patented diagnostics tool is additional verification to the superior performance of Coriolis meters. With SMV, you can verify flowmeter performance in-line, at any time —within 90 seconds— without interrupting your production.

Safer Environment
Having remote access to process visibility gives a bird’s eye view to the plant environment and its processes. Smart Meter Verification (SMV) provides the ability to review maintenance proactively as needed, minimizing operator exposure to risks. SMV also includes automated meter analysis for alarm conditions, detects sensor integrity and warns of erosion or corrosion. With on-demand updates to potential dangers, workers can focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about risks.

Enhanced Staff Effectiveness
With the expected departure of the current skilled workforce, it is becoming more essential than ever to maximize the abilities of the remaining staff. The consulting services at Micro Motion help assess ways to compensate for lost knowledge while galvanizing new teams to better efficiency. The advanced technologies provided have embedded true expertise directly into the equipment with multivariable diagnostic capabilities.

Knowledgeable, Skilled Workforce
Appealing to the next generation of employees is critical in order to preserve the skills and interests of the industry. For the “Millennials” of today, investing time in a position and company is important, but it is also considered a step in their career, not just a job. Because of this, Micro Motion works to train your incoming teams on the improvements of the embedded diagnostic technology. The opportunity to gain this knowledge is valuable to team members and will improve the overall effectiveness of an organization’s people.

Loss of production can account for 60-90% of total maintenance costs in process industries, which can result in an imbalance in people and technology integration. Utilize your people and technology resources to their full potential to prevent unnecessary interruptions without losing out on what either has to offer.

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