Accurate Uptime and the Improved Operations with Smart Meter Verification

by | May 27, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation


The advances in Coriolis flowmeter technology from improved meter operations are helping companies to improve the efficiency of their processes. The integration of Smart Meter Verification allows you to confirm the health of your meter, eliminating costly, time-consuming checks that would otherwise be necessary.

The Cutting Edge of Accuracy

Working with high-priced fluids means equally high stakes, and even the slightest inaccuracy can have a lasting impact. In addition to the wasted resources and strain on equipment, inefficient treatment of these fluids can result in imperfect product and decreased output.

Coriolis flowmeters, however, are at the very highest tier of accuracy, known to be five-to-ten times more accurate than mechanical flowmeters, with greater stability over the years. Here are a few of the advantages:

  • On-demand or routinely scheduled, you can design verification plans to whatever level ensures your confidence in operations.
  • This verification system uses the stiffness method, and is the only meter to harness that technology to date.
  • Accessible and complete results are available immediately, turning early potential problems into non-issues.
  • Managing from off-site? Remote performance verification and diagnostics access are available at the touch of a button.

Enhanced accuracy makes a significant difference in measuring high-priced fluids, and responsible treatment of resources can make all of the difference in your business.

The Drain of Downtime

Experts in the ARC (Automation Research Corporation) Advisory Group estimate that $20 billion a year is lost by the global process industries due to unscheduled downtime. That’s 5% of annual production. However, with the proper technology in place, 80% of these losses are preventable.

Unscheduled downtime typically occurs with machinery malfunction, maintenance gone awry or put off for too long. Without the proper level of assessment and diagnostics, your plant is left in the dark, guessing at the equipment needs rather than providing the necessary levels of service. Here are four ways Smart Meter Verification helps eliminate downtime:

  • Test During Production. In-line testing eliminates the need to halt processes to remove the meter from the line. Measurement integrity can be verified as the flow continues.
  • Immediate Results. Meter health is confirmed and performance verified for a more constant production.
  • Safety Checks. A patented technique confirms structural integrity, determining safety by actual tube confirmation.
  • Minimal Interference. Every time a machine undergoes maintenance, no matter how necessary, there is the potential for damage. Less interference minimizes that risk.

If only there was a technology that could provide this level of confidence in every aspect of business, not just the process! For now, Coriolis flowmeters, complete with Smart Meter Verification, simplify the complexity to harness automation and put control back into your hands.

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