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7 Ways Micro Motion F-Series Meters Increase Accuracy and Reduce Costs

by | Dec 14, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Laura Schafer

Laura Schafer

VP/GM Pervasive Sensing, Measurement Solutions

Accurate measurement remains one of the major challenges in gas allocation, as traditional technology falls short in supplying low maintenance, reliable measurement.

Micro Motion F-Series meters are designed specifically as the solution to this too common issue. This is especially the case in a low oil price environment. Micro Motion F-Series meters are a smart choice for the value-concerned customer for gas allocation measurement. The durability of this model is particularly suited for dealing with harsh environments and difficult locations, able to consistently perform and deliver highly accurate, cost-effective measurements through some of the following ways:

  1. Customized Technology. Rather than forcing behind-the-times infrastructure to keep up, Micro Motion designs modern approaches that can facilitate and improve your processes. Each of our high quality flowmeters has been created to answer the needs of contemporary processing, and so will automatically be exempt from dated issues present in traditional methods.
  2. Reduced Calibration. With Micro Motion flowmeters, calibration is a simple, immediate step that does not include loss of production. Once, companies had to prepare for calibration by shutting in production and sending a meter back to the manufacturer. Now, production does not need to be halted in any way, and verification, recognized by the AGA, can be done in real time as often as is beneficial.
  3. Compliance Included. Both the AGA and NDIC have accepted Smart Meter Verification as an approved method for verifying calibration, with no need for a trained technician. All compliance data is also carefully recorded in case of audit, for worry-free assurance of compliance.
  4. Transient Mist Remediation (TMR). This specialized algorithm allows the customer to automatically remediate gas totals to eliminate liquids from the total, eliminating monthly reconciliation and improving real-time data and product transparency. Even with the presence of liquid in the gas, this helps increase flow range as it increases accuracy.
  5. Enhanced Signal Processing. Entrained mist conditions can be a difficult obstacle for many flowmeters to deal with when seeking accurate measurement. Improved sensor stability and design enhances the stability of the flow sensor, delivering clearer signals from the Coriolis flowmeters to operators.
  6. Replaced Labor. Traditional technology often required excessive labor to frequently check meters and ensure proper operation, particularly if as production rates or pressures changed. This added unnecessary cost and complexity to gas measurement. Use of a mass flowmeter significantly reduces operational overhead traditionally incurred.
  7. Better Repeatability. Improvements in monitoring meter health and the ability to keep a closer eye on processes allows for consistency across the board. And that repeatability is no longer put in jeopardy with constant need for maintenance, improving the consistency of all production operations.

By approaching accuracy in gas allocation with an in-depth understanding of the challenges and a fresh perspective on the technology that could help, Micro Motion has designed a series of flowmeters that solve problems individually and globally for the world of gas allocation and the measurement of many other liquids.

Click the case study for more information on F-Series meters.

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