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by | Nov 23, 2015 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Tonya Wyatt

Tonya Wyatt

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Process Gas WorkersDedicated employees with decades worth of invaluable knowledge have long enabled traditional systems for processing gas to operate smoothly, even given the complex and limited nature of many. But now, the industry has begun to witness a mass exodus of this talent, as skilled workers transition into well-earned retirement.

Fresh talent is emerging to replace them, people with bright futures and shining degrees. As these employees take on new roles and responsibilities, it is crucial that systems be put into place which can facilitate their skills and plant operations, optimally directing their efforts, rather than causing a drain on efficiencies.

The Challenges in Gas Processing

Managing a utility system is a big job for any level. In charge of all the gas purchased by the plant, this person must distribute the gasses throughout the plant, in addition to using gas boilers to heat multiple process units with steam.

As new managers are tasked with improving efficiency, lowering emissions, and reducing shutdowns–while prioritizing safety, they must be provided with solutions that can support their efforts.

Multiple feed lines must be managed for varying types of gases, which can be difficult to measure due to compressibility and the effects of temperature and pressure. Even as adjustments to feed lines are made to improve efficiencies, the equipment in many plants cannot alert the need for these changes quickly enough to enact when necessary. Energy accounts for ⅓ of cost of typical chemical plant, so it is crucial that these be efficiently managed for optimal use of resources.

The entirety of the plant relies on this core knowledge and efficient utility usage, as the system must be reliable 24/7. So the solution must be fast, simple, have precise control of the system, and have the knowledge of exactly how much gas is coming in and how it is being used.

The Emerson Micro Motion Solution

Emerson Micro Motion has the gas mass and measurement density technology to answer for these needs. Measuring gas doesn’t have to be as complex as the actual processing. Our solution includes one device without special equations. There’s no need for a flow computer, and it requires far less maintenance than any other technology.

By measuring mass, there’s no need to worry about temperature or pressure effects. And with an in-line specific gravity measurement, you can see changes in composition and energy content in seconds, rather than waiting valuable minutes.

Micro Motion also offers Smart Meter Verification and Zero Verification which confirms meter health and zero accuracy at low flow. Insight into how the process is running allows in the moment adjustments without delays, based on what is happening at that very moment.

These solutions provide:

  • Third Party Agency Approvals
  • Proven Technology
  • Best Accuracy
  • In-Line Density and Specific Gravity Measurement
  • Single Device Measurement
  • Dedicated Team of Experts

Compensating for knowledge that is being lost as the new era of employees takes over from retiring experts can be challenging. Removing the many variables and lessening the potential for human error allows new recruits to excel at their job, expanding on their talents rather than allowing any lag from their lack of years of experience.

For more information on process gas solutions, click here to watch the video.

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