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Emerson's Jocelyn Sexton

Jocelyn Sexton
Marketing Communications Strategy Manager

By: Jocelyn Sexton

Monitoring a control system can pose many challenges. When dealing with numerous technologies and/or remote locations, operators can experience information overload. Technology is always evolving, and training costs can be high.

And while 24x7x365 monitoring sounds ideal, who is monitoring your system on holidays, vacations, nights and weekends?

Emerson's Matt James

Matt James
Remote Monitoring Manager

Many process manufacturers and producers we talk with have concerns about a lack of time or limited resources to properly monitor the health of their integrated DeltaV system. But we have an automated, 24x7x365 solution. Emerson’s DeltaV System Health Monitoring (SHM) service continuously monitors the health and reliability of the integrated system.

In this two-minute video, System Health Monitoring (SHM) Service, Remote Monitoring Manager Matt James explains how System Health Monitoring helps customers reduce maintenance costs and improve system availability through proactive and continuous monitoring.

Matt discusses the many consequences that can result from a control system not being properly maintained. For example, automation system asset failures can cause unplanned shutdowns, which can lead to production losses. Also, reactive maintenance can reduce the life of electronic equipment components, and this puts the site at risk of premature and unpredictable system failure.

But what if you had a remote monitoring system and experts dedicated to catching problems before they escalate and equipment is damaged? Proactive monitoring prevents minor issues from becoming unplanned disruptions. And wouldn’t it be great to have a service that immediately responds to alerts any time an automation system asset strayed from proper operating limits?

SHM is a remote monitoring service that helps maintain your control system asset health. It continuously and automatically checks important health information of system assets. This includes controllers, DCS and non-DCS servers and workstations, SIS controllers, switches, firewalls, DeltaV Virtualization infrastructure, CHARM I/O cards (CIOCs) and uninterruptable power supplies.

When observed health parameters are outside of expected normal operating ranges, the SHM service sends notifications to Emerson’s Remote Monitoring Center, which operates 24x7x365. We quickly analyze the alert and provide notification to you with recommended mitigating actions, before it escalates into bigger problems. Our engineers can also help you address the root cause of any problem and take the appropriate corrective action.

Emerson’s DeltaV System Health Monitoring (SHM) service eliminates manual health checks and reduces downtime — enabling effective use of plant maintenance resources.

From Jim: You can connect and interact with Lifecycle Services experts in the Operate & Maintain group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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