Pressure Regulators in Upstream Oil and Gas Processing Applications

Emerson's Thomas Weyer

Managing pressures are a large part of the control strategies for upstream oil and gas applications. These pressures include those in the main processing lines, fuel lines and vapor spaces found in storage tanks.

Emerson’s Thomas Weyer shared a new pressure regulator upstream oil and gas application map with me.

It was designed to show the options of pressure regulators upstream and downstream of the equipment typically found in oil & gas processes.

Starting from the wellhead Fisher 627 Series direct-operated pressure reducing regulators, MR95 Series large-capacity, direct-operated pressure reducing regulators and 630 Big Joe direct-operated, spring-loaded, pressure reducing regulators all reduce the pressure into the production separator. From the separator the fluids split into oil, gas and produced water.

From there the gas follows a path through compression, dehydration and further separation to remove liquefied petroleum gas (LPG or LP gas) for further processing, storage and sale of both the gas and liquid components.

Along this path, pressure is managed before the gas enters the compressors with separate regulation for the fuel gas used to power the compressors. Some of the regulators for separator backpressure management before the fuel gas split point include 1098H-63EGR, MR108 and 1808. For the fuel line into the compressors, in addition to the 627 and 630, other choices for pressure regulators include the 133, CS800 and HSR models.

A few of the other pressure regulators you’ll see in the drawing include the 119, T200 and CT88. The storage tanks include Y692 gas blanketing regulators, 850 and 950 pressure/vacuum relief valves and ES-660 spring-loaded hatch.

From extremely high pressures to vacuum management in tanks this drawing helps guide you to the right pressure regulator solution across the oil & gas processing and storage process.

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