Advanced Phase Measurement in Flow Meters

Measuring flow through a pipe can be challenging when liquid and gas phases are both present. For example, a production well’s produced fluids with methane coming out of solution as the pressure drops. Or the gas leg of a three-phase production separator which may still have some liquids entrained in the gas.

In the first example, entrained gas, or bubbles in the process fluid, has a negative effect on liquid volume measurement accuracy. Coriolis flow & density meters with transmitters such as the Micro Motion 5700 with Advanced Phase Measurement calculate volume based on direct density and mass measurements. When a bubble is present, mixture density is reduced, causing the reported volume to be higher than the actual liquid volume. The presence of bubbles is reflected in the drive gain.

For the second example, such as with a net oil with gas measurement, the advanced phase measurement calculations reports net oil data from a process fluid that is a mixture of oil and water with intermittent entrained gas.

This short 2-minute video, 5700 with Advanced Phase Measurement, shows how these advanced phase measurement calculations can help spot production problems with wells more quickly in order to begin remediation processes before lost production levels mount. This real-time production monitoring information can help identify the root cause of production changes to plan and take appropriate actions.

Trends of production data is also available at the Model 5700 Advanced Field-Mount transmitter local display shows production data, upsets and process deviations.

You can connect and interact with other flow measurement experts in the Flow group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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