Offshore Technology Conference 2016: HPC010 Extends Chemical Injection Metering to 15,000 psi

by | Mar 23, 2016 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Laura Schafer

Laura Schafer

VP/GM Pervasive Sensing, Measurement Solutions

Offshore developments continue to get deeper and hotter, challenging the pressure ratings on surface equipment from the drilling rig floor to the production facilities. High injection pressures can be particularly hard on the pumps and flow control used in chemical injection systems with frequent failures due to high differential pressure across seals and valves. Frequent failures and leaks in equipment lead many operators to over-inject chemical by 20% or more to protect against the potentially catastrophic failures attributed to under-injection such as loss of piping or casing integrity or hydrate plug formation.

Achieve significantly higher confidence in your high pressure chemical injection systems and reduce the amount you over-inject with low maintenance, accurate and reliable measurement of chemical injection flows with Coriolis technology rated up to 15,000 psi. Coriolis technology has no parts to wear out or replace in the flow stream for minimal maintenance costs and maximum reliability. Additionally, with the broad turndown of a Coriolis meter, the flow meter can provide accurate measurement over the life of the field as opposed to a PD meter that may require replacement as well rates decline.

To learn more about this product or Emerson’s suite of solutions around chemical injection, click here, or come visit us in our booth at OTC!

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