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Simplified Proximity Sensor Installation

Instrumentation and electrical professionals know the challenge in connecting wired devices in the field. These connections must be suitable for the hazardous location classification and environmental conditions. The engineering effort includes not only the selection of the right devices for the application, but also all the fittings, junction boxes, terminals, etc. to make a reliable connection suitable for the environment where the devices will be located.

Some of the devices important to many process manufacturers are proximity sensors. These devices are used in applications that require sensing the presence of a metal target.

GO-SwitchGO-Switch-7J-7JM-ProximityEmerson’s GO™ Switch Team shared with me news about the Model 7J & 7JM GO Switches. These proximity sensors combine the sensor with a junction box to simplify engineering and installation. The addition of an integrated terminal block to the rugged design of the 70 series GO Switch makes this product perfect for both new and maintenance, repair & overhaul applications.

Unlike typical proximity sensors, the 7J offers hazardous locations approvals for all world areas. Instead of spending time searching for sensors with the appropriate hazardous location approvals, you can specify the 7J GO Switch. It performs efficiently under demanding conditions and provides higher reliability, overall cost savings and less down time–outperforming reed or mechanical switches.

The complete specifications are available in the GO Switch 7J and 7JM data sheet.

Some markets where these GO Switch proximity sensors are used are oil & gas, chemical & petrochemical, power generation, pulp & paper, mining, and food & beverage.

Coal and Crushing plant. Source: Eddie Bristow [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Coal and Crushing plant. Source: Eddie Bristow [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Some applications include end of travel indication on control valves, knife-gate valves, hoppers, gates, confined spaces, and hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.

Outside of the process manufacturing industries, applications include open/close indication on military vehicles doors, amusement park ride safety restraint indication, and position indication of railroad drawbridges.

The GO Switch can also be connected to a Rosemount 702 wireless discrete transmitter. Together, these wired and wireless options satisfy a wide range of applications for process manufacturers and producers. One example is Emerson’s Wireless Safety Shower and Eyewash Monitor solution. It combines the reliability and versatility of the GO Switch with the capabilities of the Rosemount 702 wireless discrete transmitter to give process manufacturers and producers dependable safety shower activation notification.

You can connect and interact with other discrete valve and position sensor experts in the Valves group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community or by emailing Emerson’s TopWorx brand team.

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  1. I used “GO” switches on an automated cane tippler; they were the solution to regular failures of conventional proxies.
    Apart from the fact that one must not weld in the vicinity of these items, they are virtually in-distructable and I can recommend them highly.
    I took this experience to another sugar mill in Africa and was equally well rewarded.
    This is a harsh application as whole stick cane, transported in small rail carriages, is very damaging to anything it comes into contact with.
    In this 2nd application, from being totally un-reliable to functioning without any failures for the entire next season was extremely gratifying and proved to management that the Instrument department was a major contributor to the reduction of downtime, every process plant’s nemesis.

  2. Jim Cahill says:

    Hi Charles, Thank you for sharing your experiences with these GO Switches!

  3. Dear Charles, thank you for your comments. For those who are not familiar with the GO Switch, the GO Switch employs a different technology than other proximity sensors. Unlike inductive proximity sensors, the GO Switch does not require any sensitive electronics and unlike a reed type proximity sensor, it does not use a reed element to detect the presence of a magnet, rather it employs magnets to drive a set or dry contacts that act in the presence of ferrous metal or magnetic targets.

    This unique design gives the GO Switch the ability to work reliably in harsh environments, such as high temperature, high pressure, permanent submersion, hazardous and nuclear containment locations. The key word to remember about the GO Switch however is reliability. It is the products’ reliability record that makes it the choice in not just harsh environments but also in safety related systems, such as safety shower monitoring, open/close door detection for military vehicles, amusement park restraint position indication, and various other safety related applications.

    Visit our website to learn more about the GO Switch and its capabilities.

  4. Hello Charles, Jim,
    Just to add to your comments, I am pleased to confirm that I have one customer at a Chemical plant in Belgium who has had a similar series of failures, using Reed switches – on a centrifuge application. The site survey completed showed high levels of plant induced vibration, in the Valve/Actuator assemblies – mounted in close proximity to centrifuge. The Reed switch was there to provide valve position feedback, the maintenance team Plant log showed the Reed switches were failing, and being replaced every 2-3 months!! Replacement GO Switch sensors that have a high vibration tolerance, has resulted in over 12 month’s trouble free operation. This has saved the operator $1000s in plant down time and maintenance costs.

  5. The customer began with a requirement to design security doors leading to the control room and critical areas on their offshore platforms. The project’s goal was to give the operator control and, with the new doors, visibility over areas of concern to increase operational awareness and safety. The principle engineer inquired about the best possible options for their particular application and we proceeded to work on an innovative solution for their problem, by explaining the basics and then worked on to propose a more out-of-the-box but exceedingly reliable solution using the TopWorx Go Switch series 11 with Target Magnet.
    Customer was impressed with the idea and because of this, asked for more details and a live demonstration by the sales team. We brought in a sample and planned for a detailed demonstration. The prototype construction began when one unit of TopWorx Go Switch was supplied for the setup. With the switch installed and the setup complete, the demonstration was initiated and the results couldn’t be any better; the unit performed perfectly well and met all of the customer’s expectations.

    Convinced that they had the results that they were looking for, customer approved the solution and the order was placed for 106 units for 106 doors exceeding $100,000.00 worth of TopWorx Switches. The differentiating features and reliability of Go Switch products along with a problem solving sales approach lead to a big success for unconventional market.

    EPC in UAE
    ADNOC group of Industry in Abu Dhabi
    Monitoring of Hydraulic Surface Safety Valves (SSV)
    TOPWOR X DXS-L20GNMB 62 nos. with mounting bracket.

    Initially, the site used Baker Hughes & Barabar actuators that were
    unmonitored. This was discovered during a sales call and taking
    previous reference of Emerson supply through EPC in Spain for ADNOC group of industry project, we seized the initiative and made the proposal. With our customer’s support, we deputed engineers to the site, collected required dimensions and supplied switches with mounting brackets followed by installation and commissioning support. This resulted in customer having much better control over the operation of these critical valves, which ensured continuous production of their wellheads. Customer was impressed with our solution and ordered additional switches for their BAB production area.
    The pictures below show the HALLIBURTON VETCO GRAY VG 300
    model actuators before the installation of the new switches. The
    TOPWORX DXS will add precision monitoring capability to these actuators.

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