Real-Time Corrosion and Erosion Monitoring

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The biennial Petrotech conference in New Delhi, India is for oil & gas industry experts to exchange views and share knowledge, expertise and experiences. And given the pricing dynamics and changes in global supply levels and supply chains, there is much to discuss and share.

At the last conference this past December, Emerson’s Rajesh Nogaja presented Online Real-time Corrosion/ Erosion Monitoring Systems Ensure Top Quartile Business Performance. Here is an excerpt from the abstract of this presentation:

Emerson's Rajesh Nogaja

Corrosion and erosion is a major challenge for the Oil and Gas industry, Pipelines, Refineries and Petrochemical plants. Online Realtime Corrosion/Erosion Monitoring Systems helps the customer increase Profitability, Optimise Costs and Enhance Overall safety. Areas of Top Quartile Business Performance Improvements achieved are:

  1. Increased Production rates and margins through Use of High TAN Opportunity Crudes
  2. Sustainability of Infrastructure and Assets for longer periods, delayed Turnarounds
  3. Early detection of Possible Piping and Asset Failures, improving safety and reliability

Rajesh discussed both inline/intrusive monitoring systems and non-intrusive ones. Roxar coupons are installed in pipes and vessels for some time period. Loss rate is determined by the coupon weight loss but can be affected by deposits, bacteria and corrosion. Roxar probes have very high sensitivity and ultrafast responses to provide efficient process corrosion/erosion management through the use of inhibitors and controlling production rates.

Non-intrusive monitoring solutions include ultrasonic, acoustic and Field Signature Method. Permasense sensors use ultrasonic measurement to measure changes in piping and vessel wall thickness. Roxar Acoustic sensors provide immediate solid detection to allow production flows to be tuned and sand alarms to be created in for oil & gas production measurements. Roxar FSM feeds an electric current through the structure section to be monitored to detect changes in wall thickness and is ideal for high temperature and buried pipelines.

Rajesh shared some case studies including a refinery seeking to optimize corrosion neutralizer dosing. They installed Permasense sensors to provide feedback on optimum dosages and the high corrosion rate of 1.2mm/year was reduced.

A second case study at another refinery involved amine absorber/regeneration trains of stainless steel construction. Although corrosion was not expected, one of the trains had high CO2 content due to preferential routing of fluidic catalytic cracker off-gas. The chemical reaction created a carbonic acid attack mechanism in the train. Corrosion monitors detected this attack and process changes were made to more evenly distribute the off-gas across all of the trains.

Wireless corrosion and erosion monitoring, like other wireless sensors can be part of a comprehensive Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) architecture without connecting through the control system to provide insights to improve safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

PlantWeb Digital Ecosystem

You can connect and interact with other IIoT and wireless sensor experts as well as industry experts in the Wireless and many of the Industry groups which require corrosion and erosion monitoring solutions.

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