Keep Your Liquid Prover Well Maintained and Accurate

by | Mar 30, 2017 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Derek Csaszar

Derek Csaszar

Marketing Director, Flow Systems & Solutions

Achieve Long Term Flow Measurement Accuracy

One of the most important elements of a fiscal liquid hydrocarbon metering installation is proving the validity of the flowmeter. Proving validates consistent meter accuracy, meter trending, and proves traceable evidence of meter performance. That is why maintaining the prover in top working condition is key to ensuring reliable, long term measurement accuracy.

There are many factors that can affect the maintenance and reliability of a liquid prover system, including:

  • Continuity of operation: A prover operating on a daily basis requires more attention than one on intermittent duty.
  • Rate of flow: The practical life of any equipment is proportional to its speed of operation. A prover operating at, or close to, its maximum rating will likely have a shorter seal life than one operating at a reduced speed.
  • Lubricating value of the product: A prover handling a light lubricating product will have a longer life than one measuring a dry product such as LPG.
  • Cleanliness of product: Abrasive solid matter will accelerate the wear of the prover seals.

Liquid provers such as small volume provers are widely chosen for their high mobility and compact design. Ensuring their lifecycle sustainability and reliability is critical to reducing financial risk in fiscal metering transactions and consistently complying with proving standards and regulation requirements.

To ensure your compact or small volume prover is functioning at peak performance per its design specifications, consider this lifecycle maintenance schedule that outlines periodic checks on the mechanical condition of the prover, as well as tests that are recommended based the prover’s frequency of operation, including calibrating the prover every 3 years to fulfill API’s minimum recommendations.

Still need expert prover inspection or refurbishment services to remain compliant with the latest measurement regulations? Check out these prover upgrade service packages from Emerson, or submit a service request here.

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