How-To Video on Coriolis and Magmeter Smart Meter Verification

Flow measurement is a key part of many processes—including those where the custody of the product changes ownership. For these fiscal measurements, accurate and repeatable flow measurement is imperative. Rosemount magnetic flow meters and Micro Motion Coriolis flow meters include Smart Meter Verification (SMV), a diagnostic tool which identify flow meter performance and integrity in-line, on a schedule and without interrupting the process flow or process measurement. These diagnostics help to maintain measurement accuracy and meter integrity, driving cost reduction through early detection of issues.

This 7-minute YouTube video, Micro Motion How to Run and Schedule the Basic Version of Smart Meter Verification, shows the process of running and scheduling this diagnostic test from both the Micro Motion 5700 transmitter and ProLink software.

For Coriolis meters, transmitter diagnostics continuously monitor key performance indicators like tube stiffness in Coriolis meters and output parameters in magnetic meters by using a baseline signature that is then compared to the factory baseline. The video shows you how to complete a verification, where to find the last verification result, and how to schedule and automate future verifications. These tasks are shown in detail in the Model 5700 Configuration and Use manual.

Watch the video to see the steps to run an SMV diagnostic, view previous diagnostic results, and schedule future SMV diagnostics on an automated schedule.

You can also connect and interact with other flow measurement experts in the Flow group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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