Technology Advances in the Energy Sector

by , | Mar 12, 2018 | Capital Projects, Industry, Oil & Gas, Operational Excellence

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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In an Forbes article, Emerson CTO Says ‘Energy Industry 4.0’ Opens A Plethora Of Business Opportunities, Peter Zornio shares examples of the rapid innovations occurring in the energy sector. Peter noted the changing relationship with oil & gas operators:

“Emerson is cognizant of new demands for optimization from oil and gas customers, and my division is changing from being the proverbial ‘automation guy’ to a solutions partner in pretty much every area of the value chain except for drilling and completion.”

Software has advanced from its role in control systems. Peter explained that that the instrumentation and control system:

“…are now backed up by our prescriptive software, which in simple terms is a software that not only detects if there is something wrong or spots workflow issues, but can also help clients address that in the most cost efficient and fastest way possible.”

And these software advancements are being coupled with expertise:

“…one area that we are hoping to grow in is the connected service model; the idea that you completely outsource process services to us. So when it comes to reliability and monitoring of an offshore facility, we already offer a number of services for remote monitoring of motors, valves, cooling towers or heat exchangers, etc.”

Technology advancements are also enabling closer integration between exploration and production:

“Let’s take oilfields, the instrumentation and its software underpinning that we are putting in place in 2018, is very different from what it was as recently as 2013. We are talking about integrated operations centers, real-time data, frequent updates of [prospection zone] maps, using mobile tools and more.”

Read the article for Peter’s thoughts on Emerson’s Project Certainty initiative, the shift to outcome-based services, and the continuing shift to connect services & software as a service (SAAS).

You can learn more about achieving top quartile business performance in the Project Certainty and Operational Certainty sections on

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