Liquid Density Measurement – Combining the ‘Tried and Tested’ With the Latest Innovations

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Hans Loewenheath

Hans Loewenheath

Liquid Density Meters: A Must-Have in the Plant

From measuring corrosive fluid or lime slurry concentrations through to accurate custody transfer, flue gas desulfurization or the characterization of crudes to optimize refinery operations, most Process, EPC and instrumentation engineers agree that liquid density meters are a crucial element of plant operations today.

Yet, when it comes to selecting the meter and technology, consensus diverges among Process, EPC and instrumentation experts.

How can I avoid the costs and time-consuming processes of manual sampling? Should I adopt nuclear density meters and does this mean that I have to comply with ever more regulations and licensed personnel? What about the benefits of microwave density meters and no moving parts and yet is there a danger that abrasive slurries will damage the sensor probe?

It’s when considering these issues that there’s a lot to be said for tried and tested technologies. One such technology is the Micro Motion Fork Density Meter from Emerson – a vibrating element solution that has been in operation for over 25 years.

The Micro Motion Fork Density Meter

Based on the simple technology principle that frequency of vibration is inversely proportional to density, the meter consists of vibrating tines that measure density based on natural frequency, piezoelectric crystals that drive and detect these vibrations, and a temperature sensor to take temperature measurements and optimize performance.

The result is a direct insertion fast response density measurement; no moving parts with little maintenance; installation flexibility via continuous, real-time measurement in pipelines, bypass loops and tanks, and – most important of all – unrivalled accuracy at ±1.0 kg/m3 (1 kilogram per cubic meter).

The simplicity and the longevity of the robust technology principle and design – equally accurate in high and low velocity process fluids – is then backed up by an innovative meter health diagnostics tool detecting corrosion, coating and erosion, and an advanced transmitter that can make internal calculations, such as concentration and referred density, and has multiple simultaneous output protocols.

Today, the Micro Motion Fork Density Meter is delivering in applications across the world providing accurate custody transfer and batch measurement for a major pipeline provider in the Western United States, supporting flue gas desulfurization (FGD) and the removal of sulfur dioxide in a Chinese power plant, measuring and controlling magnetite slurry concentrations and providing an alternative to nuclear density meters in a Kentucky coal mining facility and preventing oil in water contamination for a Rocky Mountain oil & gas producer.

Industry Leading Technology

The very best technologies in the oil & gas industry are often a combination of the dependable and the new – robust, technology platforms supported by the latest interpretation and analysis tools.

Emerson’s Micro Motion Fork Density Meter is a classic example of how a tried and tested technology principle and design can be integrated with measurement, diagnostics and protocol innovations to provide the most accurate and durable liquid density measurement solution on the market today.

Learn more about the Micro Motion Fork Density Meter in this video:

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