Terminal Modernization in Turkey

I was in Europe at the end of last year meeting with many of our European subject matter experts. Two of whom were Emerson’s Ebru Yıldız and Maurizio De Francesco. They recently collaborated to share a great customer success story about the Poliport Kimya terminal in Turkey. The video, Emerson and Poliport Partnership, highlights the story of cooperation of Emerson Automation Solutions and Poliport in modernizing their process automation and terminal management. The video is in Turkish with English subtitles.

Ebru appears at the 1:15 mark of the video to highlight Emerson’s 25-year presence in Turkey serving manufacturers and producers. The project including modernizing and consolidating many different types of control systems into a DeltaV system for full inventory control at the terminal and integration with the SAP enterprise resource planning platform.

Beyond the story of this successful modernization project, the video visually conveys this clean, modern facility and surrounding area. Kudos to Ebru and Maurizio for working with the Poliport team to share their story!

You can connect and interact with other terminal experts in the Oil & Gas and Refining groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community and/or at the September 23-27 Emerson Exchange conference in Nashville.

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