Optimize Your Performance with the Micro Motion 4200 2-Wire Transmitter

by | May 21, 2019 | Flow, Measurement Instrumentation

Tonya Wyatt

Tonya Wyatt

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Achieve Top Quartile Performance in the Areas of Safety, Reliability, Production and Energy Management

The new 4200 2-wire Coriolis transmitter is a valuable option for chemical plants and refineries looking to upgrade legacy equipment that may be slowing down production and profitability. However, that is not the only benefit realized when upgrading to Coriolis. Below we will look at some of the ways that the 4200 2-wire Coriolis transmitter improves operational certainty for your plant or refinery.


Improve Reliability

Old infrastructure can cause a number of challenges. When looking at gas flows to tank blanketing systems for example, upset conditions can make maintaining a tank blanketing system difficult.

The benefits of replacing legacy technology with 2-wire Coriolis include:

  • Improved ability to control the blanketing system
  • Maintain accuracy with high and low flow rates during upset conditions
  • Accurate measurement between tanks

Minimize Emissions

Controlling emissions is part of meeting regulatory compliance and contractual obligations, but it becomes difficult when you can’t properly allocate costs or measure gases for efficiency and waste.

Switching out old 2-wire flow points with 2-wire Coriolis will show immediate improvements in knowing where gases are allocated and how much is being used.

The main benefits are:

  • Recognizing high usage applications
  • Optimizing your process by reducing waste
  • Properly allocate and report flare gases

Optimize Production

Increasing production yield and being able to respond to market demands at lower overall costs is one of the main business asks of today. Especially as material costs go up, and over or under dosing can cause batch accuracy problems or delayed reactions.

To meet those demands, the 4200 2-wire Coriolis transmitter can prove to be a valuable tool. By replacing legacy technology some of the benefits realized are:

  • Improved batch throughput and optimized reaction times, resulting in higher yields and profitability
  • Better range and accuracy

Ensure Safety

Protecting your people, plant and production is a priority and comes first in all deliberations and decisions, but how best to do that when traditional technologies don’t account for changing volumes due to pressure and temperature changes? These kinds of changes can cause possible overfill and safety issues.

Retrofitting with 2-wire Coriolis will have the following benefits:

  • Accurate fills closer to specifications
  • Less exposure due to overfilling
  • SIL 2 capable for single use, SIL 3 capable for multiple use

In short, the benefits of retrofitting with the 4200 2-wire Coriolis are significant in terms of ensuring safety, minimizing emissions, improving reliability and optimizing production. Looking at this as a complete package, it’s easy to see how 2-wire Coriolis can improve your operational certainty.


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