Rapid Engineered Solutions for Complex Fluid Control Applications

by , | May 21, 2021 | Fluid Control & Pneumatics, Life Sciences & Medical

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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Time to market is critical for most industries and this is true for medical device & analytical instrumentation manufacturers. Suppliers to these manufacturers need to quickly respond to demands for innovative technologies and expertise to help the manufacturers meet their aggressive project schedules.

In this 3-minute YouTube video, Rapid Engineered Solutions Customized Analytical & Medical Valve Solutions, Emerson’s Alicia Spaulding shares how these rapid engineered solutions are tailored to meet the demands of analytical instrument and medical design OEMs to optimize their system design, accelerate speed to market, and increase ROI for their next device.

Alicia opens describing how samples and customized ASCO miniature valve assemblies and manifolds can facilitate iterative design cycles delivering what’s needed and when. These components help to address designs with unique or complex fluid handling challenges. With components arriving within days, rapid evaluations and modifications can be made.

For unique application requirements, customized engineered valve samples including novel sealing materials, modified flow and pressure ranges, power requirements, electrical connection configurations, and different mounting configurations can be developed and quickly sent. Additive manufacturing capabilities enable rapid delivery of 3D printed assemblies to verify form, fit and function requirements.

Alicia notes that Emerson analytical and medical industry experts can work with the project team to provide a fully engineered solution including all fluidic control components tailored to specifications to simplify the fluidic path and assist with turnkey installations. Some solutions include engineered valves, pinch valves, isolation valves, proportional valves, general purpose valves, customized manifolds & fittings, wire harness assemblies, filtration, and sensors.

Watch the video and visit the Rapid Engineered Solutions section on Emerson.com for more on customized valve solutions for analytical instrumentation and medical devices. You can also connect and interact with fluid control experts in the Fluid Control & Pneumatics group in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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