Precision Flow for Laboratory Instruments

by , , | Feb 10, 2021 | Life Sciences & Medical

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

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So, your doctor has ordered a blood or other bodily fluid sample, or you’ve taken a COVID-19 test. What happens to these samples next?

In a short 3:11 video, Medical Moment | Clinical Laboratory Instruments | ASCO, Emerson’s Jim Perry and Tony Gaglio address this question and discuss the typical challenges clinical laboratory instruments manufacturers face and how Emerson’s engineers and customized fluid control solutions can help them to overcome these challenges.

In this medical moment, Tony describes how these samples are typically analyzed in a clinical or in vitro diagnostic laboratory who use a host of automated diagnostic equipment.

Jim asks Tony about the technologies that Emerson provides for this diagnostic equipment. Tony notes that these diagnostic instruments contain a series of complex fluid handling components that are designed to direct the patient’s sample along with detection reagents, buffer solutions and other elements through the system as required by the diagnostic test.

The diagnostic equipment’s unique testing technologies contains a series of critical design parameters and requirements that allow it to function properly to provide the correct result for proper diagnosis.

Some critical parameters may include internal or dead volume to limit expensive reagent use and low power consumption to avoid unwanted heat transfer. The ASCO Series 038 miniature isolation valve offers isolated fluid control and is designed for use with neutral or aggressive liquids in clinical diagnostic instruments. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can completely customize their solution to the specific application’s needs for maximum efficiency and precision.

Visit the Medical Industry section on for more on the technologies and solutions for medical device manufacturers, laboratories and healthcare professionals.

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