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MyEmerson Collaborative Engineering Environment

by , , | Nov 16, 2021 | Services, Consulting & Training

Jim Cahill

Jim Cahill

Chief Blogger, Social Marketing Leader

MyEmerson personalized digital experience podcastMany tasks are needed for manufacturers and producers to advance their operations across their lifecycles from upfront planning, through design, installation, commissioning, ongoing operations and maintenance, and decommissioning. For plants with Emerson technologies and solutions, the MyEmerson personalized digital experience simplifies and streamlines many of these tasks to help plants operate more safely, efficiently, sustainably and reliably across their lifecycles.

In this European Emerson Automation Experts podcast, Livio Salerno joins podcast host Maurizio De Francesco to describe the capabilities and ways MyEmerson helps drive improved performance.

Visit the MyEmerson Personalized Digital Experience to learn ways to improve collaboration and deliver greater visibility to critical information so you can work more efficiently and engineer solutions, manage software and installed assets, collaborate with experts, and streamline procurement processes to achieve measurable improvement in speed and productivity.

Conversation Flow

Maurizio: Hi everybody, I’m Maurizio De Francesco, here with our European Emerson Automation Experts podcast.

The digital revolution continues to roll-on and simplify and streamline more and more of what we can do.

Today I’m joined by Livio Salerno, who works with Emerson Italy and covers the role of Digital Sales Engineer. With Livio, we are going to discuss about the advantages that our customers can have from MyEmerson personalized digital experience.

Welcome Livio

Livio: Hello Maurizio, how are you?

Maurizio: I’m fine, Livio, thank you. Recently you have had several interactions with customers who have joined MyEmerson and have started using it to size, select, configure and buy Emerson solutions. Would you summarize what they have learned, and which advantages are the most relevant for them?

Livio: Absolutely! As we all know, with MyEmerson we increase the overall productivity at customers. The best way to get productivity gains is happening by increasing the speed interactions as well as the collaboration within the customers teams, as well as collaboration not only at Emerson but within the customers teams. When I am thinking of the way digital tools can help us with this, I see in the engineering side some of those advantages, like the increase of speed to share the information.

If you are the sort of a person that learns best by doing, I would suggest going ahead and sign in or register for an account. You just need to join MyEmerson – dot – com and follow a simple and guided process to get into your account, that you will receive pretty soon. You will see its matter of completing a couple of fields with your business email address and you can create an account.

Maurizio: Let me summarize: you can start “touching with your hands” the advantages of MyEmerson simply connecting, sending some of your data, and as soon as you receive your credentials you can start self-learning how to use, correct?

Livio: Well, more or less. First of all, you can start with an overview of MyWorkspace, that is a collaborate engineering environment. You can imagine the workspace as a “bucket” with a name, that you can share within your organization or only with selected people, and you can populate with as many sizing as you need to fill with your engineering requirements. There are no limitations from our side, only your needs are the cap.

Share a workspace allows you to have a workspace shared across everybody in your company who is using MyEmerson, everybody can go in and edit, and see any updates. It is instantly updating, and every work is automatically saved. Let’s imagine in action on a company with multiple users: all people can see what all others do, thus standards can be satisfied as well as collaboration is improved among them, even if they work in different areas.

You can also use the same collaboration with Emerson, so you can really use to elaborate the group knowledge in order to accomplish goals. There is also the ability to add notes between users, so if someone is updated something, he can make a note for me, so I see when I next to log in again.

If you are not ready to go on with the share workspace you can always make it private. If you make it private it’s only for you to see. You can do some experimenting in there on your own before you turn something to share, or you can share a copy with a selected colleague.

Maurizio: Livio, it seems the biggest advantage of MyWorkspace, in a nutshell, are speed collaboration. Which type of Emerson’s solutions can be added to any workspace?

Livio: Everything is available on MyEmerson can be added to any workspaces. This is important because, even if you and I work within the business unit Measurement Solutions, any other solution from Emerson can populate workspaces.

But I think what is more relevant for our customers is that the process is always easy. If you already know the modelcode, and it’s a valid one, you can simply copy and paste on the workspace, or you can decide to use the engineering tools to size, select and configure.

Maurizio: Great, Livio, I understand what you mean, as I have followed the “creation” of these engineering tools, starting a few years ago!

So, you have a workspace and, let’s imagine you have populated it with a TAG of a flowmeter…

On the workspace, you can decide to copy and paste a known modelcode, then it’s validated by the system, or you can decide to size the meter, and you can select to use the relevant engineering tool, that in this case calls Flow Product Advisor. The Flow Product Advisor is an easy-to-use engineering tool, and the way to make it suitable for any use is to make it as a guided process.

And this is all, as at the end of an easy input process, MyEmerson shows you a series of meters that fit with your request.

Livio: Maurizio, it looks impressive and I hope our customers will have time for connecting with MyEmerson and start using our engineering tools.

I would like to recap the main advantages of MyEmerson approach. First of all, simplicity. You don’t need to consult manuals or charts; you don’t need to perform calculations. Then, it’s matter of accuracy, and I don’t mean only accuracy of the meter: the engineering tools deliver a set of accurate variable predictions, like pressure drop, speed, accuracy of the meter. At the end, it’s also matter of economical convenience, since you can pick for your plant the smaller meter, if pressure drop allows, or you can opt for the meter with the smaller pressure drop if you feel that pump costs could represent a disadvantage for your production.

And, that’s all at a glance.

there anything more we can do here, Maurizio?

Maurizio: Livio, I think you have clearly explained all advantages, but for end users there are others, and can be met in streamlining the management of assets documentation through MyAssets from MyEmerson, that is a free-of-charge brilliant way to manage all documentations of devices owned by each customers. Any customer has a dedicated page, where can find all his instruments, all relevant and dedicated documents and the history of it. Here we can also provide further value with our competencies. For those who have not yet heard, I mean a service we call “Walkdown”. Let me repeat: WALKDOWN.

A Walkdown is a deep check of all instrument we can provide with our certified service engineers. A walkdown is not a free tool, like MyAssets, because it’s matter of spending considerable and evaluable time at customer field, but the value that customer can benefit is enormous.

Livio: You’re right, Maurizio. First of all, MyAssets as a powerful tool to bring enormous value to any customers even at the beginning of their experience with MyEmerson. Since I work with a lot of distributors, they frequently ask documentation and details, that is for them a time-consuming activity. Now they can reduce virtually down to zero their time waste. For end users, through a walkdown, our expert people will be in the field with customer and will check each instrument. Off course, they will perform a diagnostic check, but also a process check. How many meters that have been bought years ago are still optimal for the process? It’s normal that process conditions vary, plants are debottlenecked when new technologies make a debottleneck available… and often process measurements are just adapted. Our engineers will show you how process changes have impacted upon instrument.

We do not serve only Emerson instruments, but all of them, and in the most professional way, so we will not say that something does not work only because it’s not made by us!

At the end of a walkdown, the customer knows how many meters are in critical shape, how many require maintenance, and how many do not require any action. Do you see advantages? I can give you few suggestions, since I see many: maintenance activities that are not needed will not be performed. Instruments that are now working at optimal setup will be tuned up, or changed if needed, to improve plant output and quality. Critical meters that are obsolete can be easily planned to upgrade, with no worries nor rush when needed. It’s matter of true competency in action, that brings different types of value.

I think we could stay more in our call, but by now I just suggest to listeners connecting with MyEmerson, create their account and start use it, and don’t forget to call your Emerson local representative should you wish any support to use.

Maurizio: That’s great, thank you Livio for sharing together with me this story, as MyEmerson personalized digital experience can really help our customers be more effective and efficient in their journey. I would recommend our customers to visit myemerson.com and register and reach out with our local Emerson representative for a demo or reach out with myself LinkedIn.

Thank you so much for joining us today, this has been a lot of fun!

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