Rosemount Instrumentation Best Practices and Common Mistakes

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Emerson’s Nathan Stokes led an experts’ panel session on best practices and common mistakes with Rosemount measurement and analytical instrumentation at the 2022 Emerson Exchange. Panelists included Ryan Leino, David Loberg, and Alice Fu.

Here is their Meet the Experts session abstract:

In this open forum session, you will learn about best practices in specifying, installing, operating, and maintaining Rosemount instrumentation, including Pressure, DP Flow, DP Level, Temperature, Liquid Analysis, Combustion, and Flame/Gas Detection devices. You will have the opportunity to talk to a panel of Emerson experts about your application and instrumentation questions. The Emerson experts will discuss the most common installation and application mistakes that are seen in the field. The experts will also provide a glimpse at new Rosemount Instrumentation technologies and how you can leverage those new capabilities to address your instrumentation challenges.

Nathan opened up by discussing pressure instrumentation. Pressure measurement is used not only for pressure but also level and flow. Instrumentation includes the transmitters, manifold assemblies, seal assemblies, and DP flow meter orifice plates and impulse lines. Some recent advancements include pressure gauges and wireless pressure gauges (hot: 850degF, cold: -76degF, high pressures, specialized coating), instrumentation for extreme conditions, multiple sensors, diagnostics (device, process, electrical loop), and ease of use.

Ryan noted that temperature measurements are common in reactors, heat exchangers, motor bearings, and pump casings, to name a few. The measurements are essential in quality, yield, energy efficiency, and custody transfer. Innovations include the X-well non-intrusive measurements, thermowell design accelerator tool, twisted square thermowell, diagnostics (hot backup sensor, sensor drift alert, thermocouple diagnostics), and ease-of-use & maintenance-free capabilities.

Emerson's Alice Fu at the 2022 Emerson Exchange conferenceDavid discussed the range of gas & liquid analytical technologies in containment, leak detection, flame & gas detection, ventilation, and fire/explosion protection. Gas leak detector & sensor technologies include flame detectors, open path gas detectors, point gas detectors, wireless gas monitors, and ultrasonic gas leak detectors. There can be challenges in mounting and installing these devices. Make sure to connect with the Rosemount experts to address any questions or issues you have,

From a liquid and combustion instrumentation perspective, there are measurements for liquid pH/ORP, conductivity, amperometric, and turbidity. For combustion applications, measurement devices include in-situ oxygen, close-coupled oxygen, and COe (carbon monoxide equivalent).

Alice came up to discuss some of the gas analysis technologies, including gas chromatographs, process gas analyzers, and quantum cascade lasers for process gas & continuous emissions monitoring and leak detection. Some sustainability-related applications include H2/natural gas blending, CO2 & carbon capture, and green diesel.

Some recent advancements include the 700XA gas chromatograph, which adds sulfur measurements and is rated for hazardous locations. NOx measurement with XECLD and CT4400 analyzers are other advancements that meet US EPA regulations.

The XE10 CEMS MSS System-MCERTS is a fully certified cold/dry CEMS system. The Rosemount CT4215 New Sample Head is an inline 100% leak detection system for food & beverage packaging lines.

Visit the Rosemount measurement section on for more on these and other measurement and analysis solutions.

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Featured Experts

  • Nathan Stokes
    Director, Product Management for Rosemount Pressure Transmitters
  • Ryan Leino
    Sr. Global Product Manager, Rosemount Temperature
  • David Loberg
    Engineering Manager, Rosemount Instrumentation
  • Alice Fu
    Global Product Manager, Rosemount Gas Analysis

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