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Managing Pressure and Flow Loops on Acid Gas Absorber

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At the request of a reader who commented on the last post, here is another of the 11 examples that Emerson’s Mark Coughran shared in his Emerson Exchange Denver presentation, Solving Pressure Control Loop Problems in Hydrocarbon Processing Plants. The commenter wrote: Could you please write up a post about Acid Gas Removal Unit, Absorber […]

Wireless versus Wired Process Control Performance Analysis

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I just saw a tweet about WirelessHART being used in control applications. I followed the link to a ControlGlobal.com article by Emerson’s Terry Blevins and the University of Texas’ Frank Seibert. The article, WirelessHART Successfully Handles Control describes how these devices were applied and the performance evaluated at the Separations Research Program (SRP) at the […]

Measuring pH and Conductivity Wirelessly

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Update and bump: Greg’s article is now live on the ISA.org InTech website. Below is the original Dec. 15, 2009 post. I received an advanced copy of an article ModelingAndControl.com‘s Greg McMillan has recently completed, Exceptional Opportunities for Smart Wireless pH and Conductivity Measurements. In the article, he summarizes these opportunities: …for inferential measurements, solution […]

Absorber and Distillation Column Control with WirelessHART Measurement Devices

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We’re now inside of a week from the Emerson Exchange conference in Orlando. One of the sessions I definitely plan on visiting is one by Dr. Frank Seibert of the University of Texas at Austin and Emerson technologists, Terry Blevins and Mark Nixon. Their presentation, Stripper and Absorber Control Using WirelessHART Transmitters will be held […]