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Analyzing and Recommending Improved Refinery Blending Operations

Posted in Refining on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015. No comments yet
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For refiners challenged with increasing regulations, blending operations are a major area where automation investments can help meet these regulations and improve operational performance. Emerson’s Marcelo Carugo, who leads the refining and petrochemical industry team, shared the details of a feasibility study they conducted for a North American refiner to identify opportunities to improve the […]

Improving Measurement and Final Control in Refinery Blending

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As global refiners strive to meet ever-tightening regulations, the performance of measurement and final control devices can have a big impact in meeting this challenge. The third Refinery Blending Series webinar recording, Improving measurement and control in blending operations Improving measurement and control in blending operations is now available. Emerson’s Julie Valentine and John Ward […]

Optimizing Blend Operations in Pursuit of Regulatory Compliance

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As U.S. refiners grapple with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Tier 3 regulations, meeting their blending plans will become even more difficult. In the second webinar of the refining blending series, Emerson’s Dr. Doug White addressed the subject of using automation to meet your production plan and Tier 3 regulations. In this recorded webinar, Doug highlights […]

Ways for Refineries to Comply with EPA Tier 3 Regulations

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Process manufacturers and producers are faced with a myriad of regulations at the federal, state and local levels. Here in the U.S., refiners are challenged with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s “Tier 3” regulations, which rule that: …federal gasoline will be required to meet an annual average standard of 10 parts per million (ppm) of […]

Challenges in Refining Tight Oil

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If you’re like me you may have you wondered why with all the U.S. shale oil production, there are calls to change federal law to allow exports even though the U.S is a large oil importer. The answer comes to me in an excellent Chemical Engineering Progress (CEP) article, Working with Tight Oil, by Emerson’s […]