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Accurate and Efficient Water Treatment Chlorine Analysis

Posted in Analyzers, Water & Wastewater on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018. No comments yet
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Chlorine is an important disinfectant whether used in swimming pools or the water that flows into our homes and businesses. For water treatment facilities, water treatment monitoring is one of the most important facility operations. Meeting regulatory requirements for residual chlorine is critical for public safety as well as for facility personnel. This 3-minute YouTube […]

Pure Drinking Water through Analytical Measurement

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Pure drinking water ranks among our top, global priorities. Emerson’s Ryo Hashimoto, describes the importance of analytical measurements in assuring purity in a Control Engineering Asia article, Pure by Analysis. Ryo highlights the challenges with drinking water in Asia: Regionally, Asia faces severe stress on water availability, primarily due to high population density, agriculture and […]