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Optimizing Ammonia Usage in NOx Emission Reduction Processes

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Mono-nitrogen oxides (NOx) including NO and NO2 are byproducts of combustion where it occurs in the presence of nitrogen. Since the composition of the atmosphere is 78% nitrogen, this would include most places where this combustion occurs. These NOx gases: …react to form smog and acid rain as well as being central to the formation […]

Solving Pressure Control Loop Problems

Posted in Event, Services, Consulting & Training on Monday, October 19th, 2015. 2 comments so far
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It was great having the weekend to rest and recover from a breathless pace at last week’s Emerson Exchange conference. There were so many workshops to see, but with more than 350 from which to choose, I couldn’t make them all. Over the next several weeks, I’ll recap some of the ones I missed. Let’s […]

Analyzing Flue Gas Emissions

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Back in January, I shared some thoughts from Emerson’s Doug Simmers on improving combustion in a post, Optimum Combustion for Reduced Greenhouse Emissions. He’ll be presenting later this year on flue gas analysis and I was able to get my hands on a rough draft. I’ll highlight a few of his early ideas and hope […]

Reducing NOx through Combustion Optimization

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If you’re in the coal-fired power generation business, you may know that Coal-Gen 2009 is going on this week. During the conference, a Midwest power producer and the Emerson Power & Water Solutions team gave a joint presentation on combustion optimization. Emerson’s Jeff Williams, one of the presenters, was kind enough to send me a […]