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True Process Variability Costs, Causes and Cures

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While we focus heavily on technical process automation-related subjects here on the blog, financial-related ones are critically important. I mention this because Emerson’s Doug White will be presenting Making Operations Predictable Through Automation: The True Cost, Causes and Cures of Process Variability at this year’s Emerson Exchange event, October 24-28 in Nashville, TN. Doug shared […]

Control Valve Impact on Process Variability

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The March/April edition of Intech magazine features an article by‘s Greg McMillan–Key design components of final control elements. The article is derived from Greg’s new book, Essentials of Modern Measurements and Final Elements in the Process Industry. Final control elements, such as control valves, are used to control the process by changing the flow. […]

Control Valves in Process Uptime

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OK, the folks in Emerson’s Fisher valve division get pretty excited about control valves, but do you? Control valves, after all, have been around for a while: The concept of a control valve goes at least as far back as the bronze plug cocks used by the Romans in their aqueducts… The concept of a […]

Improved Distillation Column Recovery and Reduced Energy Usage

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Here’s another great presentation from the recent Emerson Exchange from refining & chemicals industry solutions director, Pete Sharpe. You may recall Pete from earlier process optimization-related posts. His presentation, SmartProcess Distillation Application Improves Recovery and Saves Energy–A Case Study, describes a project to improve operations on a high-purity distillation process at a Goodyear facility. These […]

A Few Tips to Optimize Your Process

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I’ve featured quite a number of experts around Emerson over these past three years. Some categories, like Process Optimization, have more than 50 posts. There is quite a bit of wisdom mixed in all those posts. A few months ago, I was asked by Plant Engineering magazine managing editor, Jack Smith, if I’d be willing […]