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Level Measurement and Overspill Protection

Posted in Level, Technologies on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012. 5 comments so far
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For oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical producers, measuring levels in tanks is an important component for inventory management. I saw a write up by Emerson’s Kevin Cullen that describes how level measurement is not only important for inventory management, but also for overspill protection—where hazardous or environmentally damaging liquids are involved. Kevin notes […]

Control Systems for SIL 1 Safety Applications?

Posted in Safety on Friday, March 5th, 2010. 4 comments so far
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I received a great question today about the safety integrity level (SIL) of a distributed control system (DCS). In this case, the question was specific to the DeltaV system: Can you please advise if the Emerson DeltaV DCS has a SIL rating i.e. ‘0’ or ‘1’? I understand that the DeltaV SIS has a SIL […]

Using HART Diagnostics in Your Safety Instrumented Systems

Posted in Asset Optimization, Interoperability, Safety on Wednesday, November 4th, 2009. No comments yet
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Emerson’s Alan Harris has written a new whitepaper, DeltaV SIS HART Capabilities. It describes various HART capabilities that can be used with the DeltaV SIS system as well as HART diagnostics implementation best practices. For those unfamiliar with HART, the HART Communications Foundation describes it: HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) Protocol is the global standard […]

Comparing and Contrasting Process Safety and Cyber Security

Posted in Cyber-Security, Safety on Friday, September 11th, 2009. No comments yet
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Automation World has a great article, Security and Safety Follow Parallel Paths, which compares and contrasts process safety and cyber security, from a risk management perspective. In an earlier post, I described the ISA99 Working Group 7 (WG7) efforts to look at the best practices in process safety and see what can be applied to […]

Primer on Safety Instrumented Systems and Process Safety

Posted in Education, Safety on Monday, July 6th, 2009. No comments yet
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The Flow Control magazine website has a great Safety Instrumented Systems Primer interview with Emerson’s Mike Boudreaux. You may recall Mike and his views on process safety and safety instrumented systems in earlier posts. If you’re not already steeped in the language of process safety with things like safety integrity levels (SIL), safety instrumented functions […]