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Enabling Seamless and Scalable Distributed Control and SCADA Solutions at Photovoltaic Power Stations

Posted in Control & Safety Systems, Power Generation on Monday, October 29th, 2018. No comments yet
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Authors: Tom Snowden, Greg Schirm Photovoltaic power stations (or solar parks) have traditionally used PLCs as their preferred control devices. Size, ruggedness, and cost are often cited as reasons for using PLCs. With the release of the Ovation Compact Controller, Emerson is merging the scalability of PLCs with the power of the Ovation distributed control […]

Grid Complexities and the Race for Energy Storage

Posted in Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities, Power Generation on Friday, October 23rd, 2015. 3 comments so far
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Author: Douglas Morris Apple just announced that they plan to construct a 200MW solar project in China to help the company meet its goals for carbon neutrality. One of the concerns, though, is whether or not the local transmission & distribution grid system can accommodate this renewable generation. It’s a concern because there have been […]

The Challenge of Distributed Generation

Posted in Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities, Power Generation on Friday, May 31st, 2013. One comment so far
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Change from decentralized forces is impacting many industries including publishing, music, organizational hierarchies and more. Emerson’s Douglas Morris, a member of the power and metal & mining industry teams, looks at its impact on electrical power providers. Renewables are clean sources of electricity and are a big part of the growth of distributed generation (generally […]

Another Bust in Solar Power

Posted in Industrial Energy & Onsite Utilities on Friday, May 11th, 2012. One comment so far
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Emerson’s Alan Novak, who leads the alternative energy industry team, describes the continued downward economic pressure on solar power panel manufacturers. In several previous posts, we’ve discussed the challenges facing solar panel manufacturers due to both declining panel prices and the uncertainties of government subsidies (usually in the form of feed in tariffs, or above […]

Electrical Power Plants and Cyber Security

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A recent Automation World article, Cyber Security–A Must For the Grid, describes how cyber security has become a big issue for electric plants. This is because of the requirements to be in: …compliance with standards developed by the North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC), of Princeton, N.J. The NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards will […]