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Upgrading Boiler Burner Management and Combustion Control Systems

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The Emerson Industrial Energy consulting team assisted a Northeastern U.S. specialty chemical manufacturer with modernizing the controls on two 1960’s vintage Combustion Engineering “D” Type process steam boilers.

Optimizing Energy Consumption and Overall Reliability

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I heard a great story from Emerson’s Sam Thiara of a polymer producer in the Middle East region that was looking to improve energy efficiency across the facility’s steam system. They wanted to reduce energy costs and their carbon footprint, while also improving the stability and reliability of the process. The plant staff worked with […]

What Lies Ahead for the Energy Industries?

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It’s been quite a whirlwind of week here at CERAWeek 2019. There were far more choices on what sessions to attend than ever before. For those with the fortitude to make it all the way to Friday, it’s one of my favorite days. It opens with a panel of the IHS Markit senior analysts sharing […]

India Energy Security–Choices in Affordability and Sustainability

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India is currently seeing a great transition in energy supply and consumption. This has brought up many questions in the industry: What affordable fuel mix is optimal, and should the market or government policy decide? To decrease pollution in Indian cities, how will the fuel mix choices need to change, especially in the power and […]

Improving Energy Efficiency with IIoT

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Think about an “Internet of Things” (IoT) device that you may use in your home life. It’s typically an ordinary device, such a thermostat, and made into an IoT device with communications and a visual interface to remotely view date & control actions from the device. For instance, my Emerson Sensi thermostats communicate through my […]