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Bulk Liquids Terminal Digital Transformations

Posted in Industrial IoT, Operational Excellence, Services, Consulting & Training on Tuesday, November 14th, 2017. No comments yet
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Bulk liquids terminal operators have largely relied on a mix of automated and manual operations to perform their role in the liquids movement supply chain. This mixed mode of operations means there are holes or delays in data to aid in decision making, which makes the terminal operate less efficient, reliable, and more prone to […]

Terminal Automation Solutions Webinar

Posted in Event, Oil & Gas on Monday, July 31st, 2017. One comment so far
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Update: A recorded version of this webinar is now available. Storage terminals are an integral part of the supply chain for hydrocarbon products to connect producers with consumers. With the vastness of new oil & gas production discoveries brought on by the shale revolution, terminals are increasingly becoming bottlenecked in many parts of the world. […]

Automating Tank Farm Systems and Work Practices

Posted in Operations & Business Management on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016. One comment so far
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Have you ever stopped to consider the path and ownership transfers your car’s gasoline or diesel took from the wellhead when it was still crude oil until you pumped it into your tank at the gas station? For the businesses involved in custody transfer process through the supply chain path, how accurate, reliable, safe and […]

Modernizing Tank Farm Measurements

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One of the best applications for wireless instrumentation is in older tank farms. A Tank Storage magazine article, Modernising Old Tank Farms to Meet New Requirements shares why. The article’s author opens: When most tank farms were built, automation was costly. Therefore most storage tanks have a bare minimum of instrumentation and rely heavily on […]

Improving Terminal Operations and Efficiency

Posted in Level, Tank Gauging on Monday, June 8th, 2015. One comment so far
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Terminals are instrumental in the supply chain for holding moving oil and petrochemical products. An oil depot or tank farm: ‚Ķtypically has tankage, either above ground or underground, and gantries (framework) for the discharge of products into road tankers or other vehicles (such as barges) or pipelines. An animated, non-narrated 5:13 YouTube video, Take Control […]