Data and Digitalization in the Field for Downhole Sustainability

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In our sustainability series, we’ve been talking about how Roxar instrumentation helps our customers meet their sustainability goals. So far, we’ve dug deeper into how our Multiphase Flow Metering technology makes it easier for operators to reduce their carbon footprint, and our last post covered how the Roxar Subsea Wetgas Meter helps lessen the environmental impact of subsea natural gas production. In today’s article, we’re going to talk about how our suite of downhole monitoring solutions also promotes sustainability in various ways. From our manufacturing processes to operators in the field, we are dedicated to helping our customers meet and exceed their greener energy goals.


Sustainability and Reliable Downhole Data Go Hand in Hand


We know how important data availability is to our customers. So, we engineered our instrumentation to be the most reliable solutions on the market today. Reliable data gives operators deep, clear insight into everything happening in and around their wells. This higher level of insight provides better control over the entire well production process. Reliable data means reliable control. And the more sensors and instruments you have to aid your production, the easier it will be to run an efficient and more sustainable operation.



Data and Digitalization in the Field for Downhole Sustainability Data and Digitalization in the Field for Downhole Sustainability


The Roxar Integrated Downhole Network Elevates Greener Efforts

In the past, obtaining reservoir data from the lower completion was often complicated and economically impractical. Operators lacked the detailed information needed to diagnose issues with their production, like increasing water influx or gas entry. Problems would escalate until costly maintenance, interventions, or shutdowns became necessary. So, we developed the Roxar Integrated Downhole Network. It is a permanent downhole monitoring solution that connects multiple instruments to a single cable network in the well. one of these instruments, the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network, is our answer to the communication gap between the upper and lower completions of a well. This modular platform provides operators with meaningful data that they can use to improve the sustainability of their well production dramatically.


The Roxar Matrix Downhole Wireless Interface makes it all possible. It enables wireless connection to online Metrol sensors and controls in the lower completion. Part of the Intelligent Multistage Completion Network, this interface provides full access to monitoring and control systems in lower completion zones. With it, operators can communicate with downhole instrumentation to understand and manage pressure, temperature, and flow from deep in the reservoir. Selective control capabilities allow operators to adjust flow to optimize production without the need for costly well intervention, limiting environmental impact as well as decreasing their carbon footprint from maintenance-related travel.


A Modular Network Designed for a Greener Future

Data networks and connectivity naturally accelerate progress toward sustainability. When personnel can monitor and control operations from anywhere in the world – their offices, their homes, while they are traveling – efficiencies become standard. Routine work and site visits can be virtually eliminated. Remote devices also result in less infrastructure. All these benefits and more put green energy goals within reach. Solutions like our Roxar Downhole Wireless Systems, which enable real-time pressure and temperature measurements to confirm wellsite integrity, reduce testing, and optimize interventions remotely, are built for a more sustainable future.


Here are a few other ways our downhole solution helps reduce environmental impact:

  • The Roxar Integrated Downhole Network and all associated Roxar instrumentation are made to last the lifetime of the well, over 20 years.
  • The Intelligent Multistage Completion Network gives operators direct control capability at the sandface, online, and at any time by a simple command instruction. This may be performed manually or as part of a sophisticated automatic supervisory control system.
  • Compact designs mean we use less material and mechanical parts, generating less waste.
  • More reliable instrumentation helps limit the need for well workover and costly interventions that require more raw materials, more transportation, and more potential damage to the surrounding environment.
  • By detecting water in the well, operators can make changes that decrease water production. Lessening the amount of water topside that requires treatments also cuts down on energy usage.


Digitalization is the future of wellsite production, especially from a sustainability standpoint. We’re making more and more progress every day, constantly innovating our technology to support green initiatives. Our customers can look forward to more options for electric versus hydraulic solutions in the near future. Because the Integrated Downhole Network is modular and designed for the future, no new infrastructure or modifications will be needed as we continue toward fully sustainable operations.


Learn more about Emerson’s downhole solutions, and do not hesitate to contact your local Emerson representative to see if our solution is right for your downhole wellsite needs.


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