Level Instrumentation for the Brewing Industry

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In today’s highly competitive and rapidly evolving market, brewing operations are in constant need of improving production throughput and flexibility, while reducing costs and meeting sustainability targets. An excessive amount of downtime and a lack of flexibility can increase operating costs, and product losses or inefficient energy usages can also erode an operation’s profitability. Additionally, inefficient processes or outdated technologies can hinder the achievement of sustainability goals by producing excess waste.

In the brewing industry, maximizing production capacity and ensuring a consistent and high quality taste of their products is vital, as well as reducing production costs and increasing the efficiency and sustainability of production processes. Innovative automation solutions can help brewers to achieve their goals by:

  • Ensuring stringent hygienic conditions in operations
  • Achieving stable and smooth production processes
  • Assuring product quality batch over batch
  • Preventing shutdowns and downtime
  • Providing accurate and reliable monitoring
  • Ensuring the efficiency of CIP and SIP cleaning

The Emerson portfolio of hygienic level instrumentation can help to maximize your production capabilities, reduce product loss and ensure hygienic conditions in production processes at your brewing facility.



Storage tanks or silos for grains in brewing operations

Storage tanks or large silos are used to store raw materials for brewing processes, such as cereal, hops or fruits. Level measurement is necessary to monitor and control the level of the content inside the tanks in real-time and avoid overfills or pumps running dry.

The Rosemount™ 5408 Non-Contacting Level Transmitter provides accurate and reliable hygienic level measurement of solids thanks to its advanced surface tracking.

The Rosemount 2500 Solids Level Switches provide hygienic point level detection for bulk solids. This line of products is ideal for installation in all types of vessels and silos.




Fermentation tanks

Fermenters hold as much as 70% of the total production volume of a brewery and represent 70% of CO2 production. Automation solutions that optimize the fermentation process provide measurable benefits from quality to throughput.

Level or pressure measurement will help you optimize and monitor fermentation processes by controlling the amount of ingredients in tanks and avoiding pumps running dry or overfilling.

The Rosemount 1408H Non-Contacting Level Transmitter or the Rosemount 3051S Electronic Remote Sensor are both good options to monitor fermentation processes accurately and without being affected by foam or the presence of hops on the surface of the liquid.

The Rosemount 2100 Liquid Level Switches offer simple and reliable hygienic point level detection. The technology has no moving parts, requires no calibration, and is virtually unaffected by process conditions such as foam



Beer storage tank

During the beer manufacturing process, storage tanks are needed to store finished product and ensure that product quality is maintained, and its flavor is not affected.

Level measurement will help you to monitor the level of product inside the tank, thus allowing you to optimize filling and emptying processes, and to gain reliable pump control for automated filling. 

The Rosemount 1408H Level Transmitter provides reliable and accurate continuous non-contacting level measurement, which will help you gain visibility and run your processes smoothly.

The Rosemount 2110 Level Switch detects overfilling or emptying of tanks to prevent tank overfill or damage to pumps.



Supply tanks for beer bottling

When transferring beer from the supply tank to the packaging machine, it is important to monitor the level measurement reliably to reduce product loss and improve the efficiency of the filling processes.

The Rosemount 1408H Level Transmitter features Fast Sweep Technology to provide a continuous echo against the surface that delivers a robust and reliable measurement, even in challenging fast-filling vessels.

The Rosemount 2100 Liquid Level Switches offer reliable level detection to prevent pumps running dry.







CIP solutions in brewing operations

Cleaning-In-Place solutions are performed to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of the tanks in which food processes are run. CIP tanks make use of spray balls and cleaning agents to perform the cleaning. During these processes, level measurement is required to avoid overfills and pumps running dry, monitor filling and discharge of cleaning agents and water and avoid any risk of contamination.

The Rosemount 1408H Level Transmitter counts with a hygienic antenna and its sensor features a unique CIP algorithm that detects cleaning procedures automatically and can withstand the rigors of those. With top-down measurement, a focused beam angle and no dead zones, the Rosemount 1408H can also reliably and accurately measure the level inside the chemical tanks that are necessary to prepare the solvents for the cleaning procedures, which include cleaning agents such as caustic, acid, sanitizer and sterilizer.

The Rosemount 2120 Level Switch is also suitable for use in CIP level tanks.



Learn more about the Rosemount 1408H Non-Contacting Radar Level Transmitter on our website.

View the Rosemount 2110 Level Switch and the Rosemount 2120 Level Switch.

View the Rosemount 2500 Solids Level Switches on our website.

See the Rosemount 5408 Level Transmitter on our website.

Learn more about Emerson’s Brewing Solutions in our interactive tool.

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