Aligning Purpose with Career Opportunities

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Workplaces have undergone dramatic transformations due to the COVID era. Companies across the globe have experienced larger-than-normal turnover over the past few years. In a Valve magazine article, Aligning With Purpose: Promoting Engagement and Retention in a Changing Workforce, Emerson’s Scott Pilkington shares how companies like Emerson are transforming the work experience to address this challenge.

Scott opens by noting that jobseekers are interested in more than compensation and remote work opportunities. Also important:

…is working for an employer who aligns with their personal goals and values. Jobseekers are looking for an employer who fosters a modern work culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. For today’s workforce, this means seeking companies with higher purpose and values that support their people.

Scott describes five ways that companies can transform and lead with purpose.

  1. Provide flexibility
  2. Investing in meaningful education and training
  3. Preparing future leaders
  4. Prioritizing well-being and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives
  5. Breaking new ground

Here are his thoughts on the first way, and I invite you to read the article for his ideas on the other ways.

Today’s job candidates, specifically those looking to fill roles beyond the factory floor, often will not engage with an employer who doesn’t offer a hybrid work option. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, traditionally on-site roles have become increasingly remote. As a result, employers are having to rethink how they engage and work with new employees–both remote and hybrid–especially during the first year. Many companies see their highest volume of turnover in years zero through three, which means they must focus more attention on onboarding strategies and support for remote and hybrid employees.

To stay competitive and attract new talent, companies may also need to assess individual roles within their organizations and identify which are appropriate for hybrid or remote performance. This new work policy must factor in an employee’s physical environment as well as the scheduling, tools and processes required to do the job both on- and off-site. The goal is to find the common ground between what employees define as essential to their well-being and what their employer defines as successfully fulfilling the responsibilities of the role.

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