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Another Alternative to Crude Oil

Posted in Energy on Friday, April 13th, 2012. 2 comments so far
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Gas-to-liquids technology continues to advance notes Emerson’s Alan Novak, leader of the alternative energy industry team, in today’s guest post. In previous posts we discussed the emerging technology of gas to liquids (GTL) driven by the vast shale gas reserves being unlocked through hydraulic fracturing. A significant challenge for the GTL process is its high […]

Is Natural Gas the New Alternative Energy Source?

Posted in Energy on Friday, February 10th, 2012. One comment so far
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In today’s guest post, Emerson’s Douglas Morris of the alternative energy industry team, explores how the abundance of natural gas is generating discussions around the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standards and alternative energy-based processes. About a month ago, a bill was submitted to the US Congress to change the definition of a feedstock within the Renewable […]

GTL, In Fact, Stands for Something Other than Gym-Tan-Laundry

Posted in Energy on Friday, September 23rd, 2011. 2 comments so far
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Emerson’s Douglas Morris, a member of the alternative energy team, shares his thoughts on the developments in natural gas to liquid conversion to help diversify U.S. sources of energy. Even though I’m from New Jersey, I’m not going to discuss the daily ritual of Jersey Shore’s “The Situation” (full disclosure, I’ve never seen the show […]