Calculating the Economic Value of Improved Fired Heater Efficiency

In an earlier post about fired heater efficiency and reliability, I had spoken with Emerson operations consultant, Chris Forland, on the opportunities for refiners to optimize this energy intensive unit.

Fired Heater Economic CalculatorWorking with engineers in the Rosemount Analytical Gas division, Chris has developed a spreadsheet with fired heater efficiency economic calculations which allows refiners to get a rough estimate of the potential value in applying efficiency solutions like the SmartProcess Heater Optimizer.

You can enter data in the cells with blue text for each fired heater in your plant to get a quick assessment. Chris has filled in typical values from a cross section of refineries in case you don’t have exact data. This will let you get a feeling for the overall improvement opportunity and if there is enough return on investment to warrant a closer look.

If you have fired heater units in your manufacturing process, give this calculator a try and let us know what you think by adding a comment or contacting us.

Update: A reader alerted me to the calculator link being broken. It’s now been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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