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Cybersecurity Guidebook for Reducing Cyber Risks

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One only has to do a cybersecurity news search to see the increasing worries and incidents that manufacturers face. The ISA/IEC 62443 series of cybersecurity standards: …address the need to design cybersecurity robustness and resilience into industrial automation control systems (IACS). A new, comprehensive Cybersecurity Guidebook for Process Control is available to help you and […]

Cybersecurity Guidance at ConnectedPlant Conference

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This week, the ConnectedPlant conference is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina. The conference is focused for professionals in the chemicals and power industries who are leading digital transformations in their organizations. The focus includes: …actionable information and strategies to maximize the use of data, analytics, and related technology to drive efficiency improvements, preventative and […]

Cybersecurity Planning and Preparation

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A digital transformation is well underway with many manufacturers striving to improve safety, reliability, efficiency, emissions and/or throughput. The Industrial Internet of Things is making it possible to monitor more areas of the production operations than was possible in a fully-wired technology era. A strong cybersecurity program must go hand in hand with this digital […]

Driving Sustainable Cybersecurity Programs

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EnergySec is a consortium with the mission, “…to support energy sector organizations with the security of their critical technology infrastructures.” Their EnergySec Summit 2017 is happening this week. The focus of this conference is: Defining and developing strategies to strengthen critical infrastructure protection programs Learning the details about the latest standards (e.g, AMI Security, NERC […]

DCS Cybersecurity Tips and Updates

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Most of the process manufacturing facilities across the world is considered critical infrastructure. From the energy we consume to the medicines we take, manufacturers work to deliver these products as safely, reliably and efficiently as they can. And with the threat of cyber-attacks growing more common, cybersecurity remains a growing concern and focus. Emerson’s Rick […]