Cybersecurity Guidebook for Reducing Cyber Risks

One only has to do a cybersecurity news search to see the increasing worries and incidents that manufacturers face. The ISA/IEC 62443 series of cybersecurity standards:

…address the need to design cybersecurity robustness and resilience into industrial automation control systems (IACS).

A new, comprehensive Cybersecurity Guidebook for Process Control is available to help you and your organization take the necessary steps to reduce the risks associated with cyber incidents.

Emerson’s Process Systems and Solutions president, Jamie Froedge open this guidebook:

Emerson's Jamie FroedgeBy leveraging the connectivity of the broader business network, manufacturers have revolutionized interconnected processes, but also encountered new risks to the safety, profitability and reliability of plant operations. Cybersecurity needs to be in every operational conversation not just today, but every day going forward.

An important factor in implementing a cybersecurity program is change management. Emerson’s cybersecurity leaders have compiled this brief guide based on the Start-Stop-Continue Change Management model to help you lead organizational change and take immediate steps to make your operations more secure.

Sections highlighting the Start-Stop-Continue recommendations include:

  • Adopt a Risk-based Approach to Cybersecurity
  • Tighten System Access
  • Establish Strong Policies
  • Upgrade to a More Secure Control System
  • Go Beyond Perimeter Protection
  • Keep Remote Access in the Right Hands
  • Know Your Control System

Cybersecurity Guidebook for Process ControlThe guidebook outlines an assessment process to identify levels of readiness in seven key elements of cybersecurity—network security, workstation hardening, user account management, patching, perimeter protection, security monitoring and data management.

By applying these assessment areas to each of the bulleted items above, cybersecurity priorities can be established and an implementation plan executed to strategically mitigate the risks and gaps.

Download the guidebook for more on a path to improving your cyber defenses. Work with the Emerson cybersecurity experts for your DeltaV or Ovation systems who can discuss a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity solutions and strategies aimed at helping you assess and reduce your risk level.

You can also connect and interact with other cybersecurity experts in the DeltaV and Ovation groups in the Emerson Exchange 365 community.

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