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Ways to Improve Plant Performance via Pressure Instrumentation

Posted in Pressure on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015. 7 comments so far
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Embedded diagnostics in smart instrumentation has played a role in safer, more efficient and reliable plants for decades in the process industries. As the power of the microcontrollers at the heart of these intelligent devices grows, so do the reliability, accuracy and diagnostic coverage grow. A new whitepaper, 7 Ways to Improve Productivity and Process […]

Extending Measurement Device Stability to 15 Years

Posted in Pressure, Temperature on Monday, August 18th, 2014. No comments yet
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One of the benefits of advancing technologies can be increased reliability. For measurement devices in the processing industries, these technology improvements can mean increased operations and maintenance productivity through extended calibration intervals, improved measurement repeatability, and overall improved measurement stability. Emerson’s Michael Olivier shared with me improvements that have been made to the Rosemount 3051S […]

Upgrading Rosemount 1151 to 3051 Pressure Transmitters

Posted in Pressure on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014. 8 comments so far
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The venerable Rosemount 1151 pressure transmitter was introduced all the way back in 1969. It combined 4–20 mA electronics with capacitance technology. In my first job post college, I worked as a project engineer out of New Orleans on offshore oil & gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. We would buy dozens and dozens […]

Ordering Rosemount Measurement Instrumentation Extends to Australia

Posted in Pressure on Thursday, June 19th, 2014. No comments yet
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Online purchasing and support for Rosemount measurement products has been available here in the U.S. A colleague shared some news with me that this store has now expanded to process manufacturers and producers in Australia. Emerson Process Management Australia Online Store The store is designed to simplify the purchasing experience enabling online order placement for […]

How Pitot Tube Flow Measurement Works

Posted in Measurement Instrumentation on Monday, June 2nd, 2014. 6 comments so far
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In prior posts, we’ve shared many flow measurement technologies, including averaging pitot tube flowmeters. Emerson’s Katie Hausman shared a new video that the Rosemount measurement brand team has put together that explains how averaging pitot tube technology work. The 3:42 YouTube video, How Averaging Pitot Tubes Work – Rosemount Annubar Technology provides a detailed explanation […]