Installing an Annubar Averaging Pitot Tube Flowmeter

It’s been a week of travel, so we’ll close it with a video from Emerson’s Rosemount measurement team on how to install an Annubar averaging pitot tube flowmeter. The Youtube video shows the installation process for a Rosemount 485 Pak-Lok flowmeter.

This device, used for liquid, gas, and steam measurement applications, is an integrated DP flowmeter with an Annubar primary element packaged with a Rosemount pressure transmitter.

From Wikipedia:

An annubar is similar to a pitot tube used to measure the flow of gas or liquid in a pipe.

The pitot tube measures the difference between the static pressure and the flowing pressure of the media in the pipe. The volumetric flow is calculated from that difference using Bernoulli’s principle and taking into account the pipe inside diameter.[1]

With that as background, here’s the 3-minute Rosemount Annubar Pak-Lok Flowmeter Installation video:

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