MultiVariable Wireless Measurements

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Event, Industrial IoT

There’ll be lots of news coming out next week at the Emerson Exchange Americas conference in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. I’ll have a “Live” page to announce on Monday where we’ll be gathering all the happenings to make it easier to follow the action, if you won’t be there with us in person.

Emerson's Brian FretschelI heard from Emerson’s Brian Fretschel about an upcoming release on a wireless multivariable addition to the Rosemount 3051S series of transmitters. Perhaps you have an application where you would like to make a differential pressure and a static pressure measurement such as DP Flow, DP Level, or simply measurements across a filter application. Locations of these points may make running wires or utilizing manual maintenance rounds downright expensive and unsafe.

Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable TransmitterWith a single 3051S MultiVariable™ wireless transmitter, you could eliminate manual rounds and allow diagnostics to be continually run to provide early warning should an abnormal situation develop. Heading these situations off early could mean avoiding costly downtime, quality issues, or equipment damage.

Brian noted that the multivariable transmitter can measure either true gauge or absolute static pressure, along with differential pressure, and has a 10-year stability and 12-year warranty on some of the models. The power module on the 3051S MultiVariable wireless transmitter lasts six and half years at one-minute update rates.

By measuring both the static and differential pressure in one transmitter, not only is the number of devices and their associated costs reduced, but also so is the number of devices on the gateway. On the installation side, the number of pipe penetrations, manifolds, power modules, and associated impulse piping will be cut in half, significantly reducing overall cost.

If you’ll be joining us at the conference, make sure to catch the Rosemount Product Roadmap sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday or catch Brian during the exhibit hours. If you won’t be joining us, stay tuned for my announcement on Monday when the “Live” page goes live.

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