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Sensors and Analytics for Reliable and Efficient Electrical Generation

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In a Power magazine article, New Monitoring and Analytics Tools Improve Plant Performance, Emerson’s Brian Joe and Juan Panama describe how Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies help electrical generating plants increase reliability and overall efficiency.

Cybersecurity and Operational Technology at ConnectedPlant

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One of the conferences for the power and chemical processing industries is the ConnectedPlant conference. The focus is on the technologies and solutions focused on improving plant operations. Some of the technologies explored included artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data analytics and advanced connectivity. Emerson’s David Foose and Juan Panama will be joining panels next […]

Digital Transformation for Utilities

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Emerson’s Juan Panama and Mark Jordan presented on building the utility of tomorrow, today at the 2019 Ovation Users’ Group conference. The focus was on how to start down the path to digital transformation. It begins with a solid business case. For instance, in a combined cycle unit, typical fixed operating and maintenance costs can […]

Early Detection of Heat Recovery Steam Generator Tube Leaks

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A NACE International paper, HRSG Tube Failures: Prediction, Diagnosis and Corrective Actions highlights the challenge of these failures: Many HRSGs were originally designed for base load operation. Recent economic factors have led to drastically increased cycling of many units. This has exacerbated the rate of failures. These leaks can lead to forced outages that create […]

Increasing Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Efficiency and Reliability

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The electrical power generation mix continues to shift to increasing natural gas usage due to growing supplies from shale gas production. In a Power article, How to Increase Power Plant Asset Reliability Using Modern Digital Technology, Emerson’s Juan Panama describes how combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) plants are using digital technologies to increase levels of […]