Welcome ModelingAndControl.com!

The overall IQ of the blogosphere just went up a few notches. It’s great to see Terry Blevins and Greg McMillan collaborating on the ModelingAndControl.com blog.
They are off to flying start to help us better understand process control. As I’ve mentioned in several recent posts on education, this is one of the most pressing issues facing process manufacturers as automation and control professionals retire.
Terry starts with a post about Control Basics and Terminology. He shares a class he put together around process control complete with tests.
Greg starts with a post, Unification of PID Controller Tuning Rules. Greg offers his top ten reasons to devise your own tuning rule and simulation test.
If these first two posts are any indication of what’s to come, then you want to subscribe to their RSS feed. If you’re unfamiliar with RSS, give our RSS Start Kit a two-minute peek.

Posted Monday, September 25th, 2006 under Services, Consulting & Training.

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