Inspiring Community Service

Those that come across this blog know that the mission is to give visibility to the expertise of the folks around Emerson Process Management. This post will be slightly different. It does feature an expert, Emerson’s Jim Walker. He is a member of the Machinery Health Management business. As part of the Asset Optimization organization, this business is responsible for the CSI Technologies family of machinery health products.

Jim was primary inventor of the CSI 9420 WirelessHART vibration transmitter. This device provides vibration and temperature measurements, diagnostics, and alerts for plant machinery over a self-organizing wireless network for use by operations and maintenance personnel. I know from my days as an offshore oil & gas systems engineer back in the ’80s, that adding vibration monitoring after the fact could be a difficult proposition, due to the wiring considerations. I could have used his invention back then!

I did indicate that this would be slightly different. Jim shared with me his spare time interests–film making and still photography. He displays the video portion of these talents perfectly in this video he describes:

…I put together for Emerson’s Machinery Health Management business in Knoxville, TN. It follows the progression of construction of the Emerson sponsored Habitat for Humanity house built in April 2009.

Emerson Sponsored Habitat for Humanity House from Jim Walker on Vimeo.

After watching the video (with his suggested, “Turn up your speakers” method), I was inspired by the participation of all the Emerson people in this project and what they accomplished. You’ll see them in a montage, starting at 4:25 of this 5:33 production.

Jim, thank you for sharing this with me and I hope it inspires more participation in these kinds of community service activities among Emerson businesses, and with other folks who come upon this post.

GreenPodcast.gif MP3

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