Seeing EDDL Interoperability in Action

I received an email recently from Emerson’s Jonas Berge. As a member of the ISA104 Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) committee, Jonas works to educate process manufacturers on how this standard fosters interoperability between intelligent field devices, asset management software, and process automation systems from various automation suppliers.

Jonas is a large contributor to the EDDL.ORG website. This site provides a basic overview of the standard, news updates, demonstration videos, and other educational materials.

I’ll highlight a few recent videos that Jonas and his team have added to the EDDL YouTube page. This first video shows how trend chart data and a level radar echo curve can be exported to Excel for analysis. It includes a Rosemount 3144P temperature transmitter and Rosemount 5400 radar level transmitter in Honeywell SDC-625 software.

The second video shows how the device manufacturer’s expert provides their know-how in the form of context sensitive help text for parameter settings and diagnostics. It also shows how device management software provides easy access to device manuals as well as drawings and procedures, and ability store notes. It includes a Rosemount 3051S and Siemens TH300 transmitter, AMS Device Manager and Siemens PDM software, and a 375 field communicator.

The third video shows how the configuration of a device can be printed. It includes a Rosemount 3144P shown in Siemens PDM software and a Rosemount 3051S shown in AMS Device Manager.

There are plenty of other videos on the EDDL YouTube page, which show how EDDL is applicable to different communication protocols and is independent of the underlying communication hierarchy. Applications built on this standard can interoperate with data from HART, WirelessHART, Foundation fieldbus, and Profibus devices–all in the same application.

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