Day 2 Roundup from Emerson Exchange

Here’s a roundup of links from some of the action from Day 2 at Emerson Exchange:

Exchange Today: Daily news from the Emerson Global Users Exchange

Live from Emerson Global Users Exchange

Process magazine (in German) – Usermeeting – Gemeinsam mit dem Anwender die steigende Komplexität im Betriebsalltag bekämpfen

News Release: Emerson helps customers conquer complexity by reducing barriers to productivity

The #EMRex Daily on Twitter

2010 Emerson Exchange Micro Motion Booth Tour (video)

I know that’s not everything, but it should hopefully give you a flavor of the non-stop action. Remember to keep an eye on the #EMRex Twitter search for a real-time snapshot of the action.

Update: Pharma QBD: Making Change: Five Steps for Pharma.

Posted Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 under Event.

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