Day 3 Roundup from Emerson Exchange

Here’s some of the sights and sounds from Day 3 at the Emerson Exchange.

Exchange Today: Daily news from the Emerson Global Users Exchange

Show News – Emerson Global Users Exchange

The Emerson Exchange YouTube channel.

Gary Mintchell Feedforward blog: Emerson Exchange Two Days In

The Read-out Signpost blog: #EMRex Beaten by an avalanche of tweets

Process Control Musings: You Say You Want a (Revo)Solution

The pace continues fast and furious and we fly through this week! As always, you can follow the action in real-time on the #EMRex Twitter search.

Update: Industrial Safety and Security Source: Emerson: Security Starts with Talking

The #EMRex Daily

Posted Thursday, September 30th, 2010 under Event.

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