Managing Automation System Components across Lifecycle

Buddy Ilao provides another screencast update in showing ways to manage the software versions and hardware components within a process automation system across their respective lifecycles.

He describes this Lifecycle Status for Guardian Support screencast:

We’ll show the information available in the Guardian Support Lifecycle Status tile and Lifecycle Status page in a DeltaV system user’s Guardian website. In order for these process manufacturers maintain their automation system across its lifecycle, they need to have readily accessible access to the lifecycle information, such as hardware and software life spans and current phase of support. This service is designed to help automation professionals plan system management activities and plan sustainability investments for upgrades, migration or lifecycle service planning.

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Buddy shows the Guardian Lifecycle Status tile, which provides information about the current DeltaV software version as well as the lifecycle of the hardware components in the system. A detailed page provides a sortable view of the individual nodes by model number, software compatibility, and location in lifecycle from current to active to supported to retired. Having a system-wide view helps system administrators with planning and budgeting to keep the system up to date, available, and sustainable.

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