Process Automation Event Season

‘Tis the season of process automation-related events. Next week, the International Society of Automation (ISA) holds their ISA Automation Week in Mobile Alabama USA. You can follow the conversations and happenings online on their community page.

The following week, October 24-28, the Emerson Exchange will provide a gathering of users of Emerson Process Management technologies and services, Emerson folks, Emerson local business partners and complementary suppliers in Nashville, Tennessee USA.

Emerson’s Jonas Berge shared with me that the action is not limited to North America. Controls, Instrumentation and Automation 2011 (CIA2011) addressing process engineering demands in the Chemicals, Food, Petroleum/Energy, Waste and Water industry sectors takes place November 22-25 in Suntec Singapore.

At CIA2011, there will be a HART Communication Foundation (HCF) booth. WirelessHART (IEC 62591) will be the main highlight of the exhibit. Multiple suppliers have joined up to showcase IEC 62591 to give users a chance to see this standard interoperate live among various products from these suppliers. Jonas noted that Emerson will be one of the suppliers represented. It’s an opportunity to see and learn more about this technology and see the interoperability in action.

The conference topics include:

Design & Process Automation

  • Design trends and solutions for new or refurbished plants – getting process and instrumentation designs right before implementation
  • Technological developments in process engineering and process control to achieve process automation
  • Process simulation technology solutions to ensure cost efficiency and effectiveness in achieving optimization objectives
  • Process control system security

Safety in Operations

  • Process safety management – identifying hazards/risks in operation processes, and reviewing operating procedures to establish safety integrity levels
  • Designing safety instrumented systems – key considerations, and pitfalls to avoid
  • Preparing for emergency response, and conducting comprehensive incident investigations – training, diagrams, checklists
  • Overview of regulatory requirements for plant safety (in Asia), and implications

Jonas will be one of the speakers at this event.

I hope to see you at ISA Automation Week and/or Emerson Exchange or hope you have a chance to connect with Jonas at CIA2011.

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