ISA Webinars on Temperature and pH Control Solutions

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The ever-prolific Greg McMillan will be doing two February ISA webinars–one on temperature control and the other on pH control.

The pH Control Solutions web seminar is on Wednesday, February 15 at 2-3:30pm EST. Greg’s description is that it:

…covers the root causes of poor performance in pH control systems. The source of problems can originate in the process, piping, equipment, electrode, valve, or controller. Basic principals and key concepts are developed to provide an understanding of the basic nature of the challenges and options. The plant and control system design is analyzed to get the most cost effective solution.

Your takeaways:

  • Recognize the degree of difficulty posed by a pH control application
  • List control strategy solutions
  • Identify modeling and control options
  • Explain the root causes of poor performance
  • Prioritize improvements based on cost, time, and goal
  • Discuss the interrelationship between plant and control system design
  • Recognize important implementation considerations
  • Discuss insights for diagnosing and solving a wide variety of pH problems

Here’s the link for costs and registration.

The temperature control solutions web seminar will be on Wednesday, February 22 at 2-3:30pm EST. Greg’s description is that it will:

…allow attendees to learn how to get the best temperature measurement and control performance for important unit operations in the process industry. It is recommended for control engineers, DCS configuration engineers, as well as instrument and process engineers.

Your takeaways:

  • Select the best temperature sensor and valve for an application
  • Design the installation for the fastest and most accurate response
  • Design the control strategy to meet process objectives
  • Recognize and use key features of the PID controller
  • Predict the effect of system design and PID tuning on loop performance
  • Rapidly tune PID temperature controllers

Costs and registration information are here.

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