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A Quick Video Look at Electronic Marshalling

In this short, 1:54 Automation World video, Emerson CHARMS provide flexible process control, Emerson’s Bruce Greenwald describes how electronic marshalling and DeltaV CHARMS flexible I/O modules simplify the process control system engineering, configuration, and installation process. The video was captured at the Interphex 2012 conference for biotech and pharmaceutical professionals.

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In the video, Bruce points to the architecture showing the DeltaV controller, controller I/O network, redundant CHARM I/O cards (CIOCs), and individual CHARM I/O channels which can be mixed an matched in any arrangement of 96 CHARM I/O per CIOC pair.

Bruce describes how an individual CHARM I/O can communicate with any controller in the DeltaV system. It does not have to go to the same controller as its neighboring CHARMs. Each controller connects with up to 16 sets of CIOCs.

This electronic marshalling technology has been extended to safety instrumented systems as well. See the recent announcement, Emerson reduces complexity in safety instrumented system installation and operation: Electronic Marshalling now available on DeltaV SIS safety instrumented system.

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  1. #CHARMS is a true game changer in process automation – nice explanation Bruce!

  2. #CHARMS is a true game changer – nice video @nclonghorn #EMRex

  3. nikhilesh muraleedharan says:

    Very Innovative idea from Emerson..

  4. Hey Jim very nice video and explanation.

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